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We have to keep searching for answers, near and far


Fri Feb 06, 2015

Editor: Many persons think that sending persons out in space is simply a waste of money that could be well spent otherwise. However, understanding the workings of this universe is critical to our continued existence. After so many years, mankind is yet to prove how we came into existence, though we may all have our own beliefs. {{more}}

Unfortunately, too many of our beliefs have been shaped by religions; hence some of the explanations have not been well thought out. Of course, most religions agree that we were created by a God, but we are unable to prove it. Not because we are unable to prove it makes it untrue, but on the other hand we cannot prove it is true. I cannot turn to the Bible for any guidance on this matter, because I cannot prove that it is true also.

If one is to closely examine the Bible, one would get the impression that God is being portrayed as a violent and uncompromising individual. It is his way or no other way. On the other hand, we read of a merciful God that is kind to us and only wants the best for us. We are often told that God gave us free choice, but if we do not exercise that free choice to his liking we would pay a heavy price in the end. Is that really a choice?

When I read of God accepting offerings of blood, I know that something has to be wrong with our beliefs. To make matters worse, the wicked Satan was thrown out of heaven and unto earth. According to the Bible, God then said woe be unto mankind. I cannot understand this, because Satan could have been given a nice retirement home on Jupiter and confined to his home. Well, I can only assume that he needed oxygen; hence, God did not want to deprive him of that basic need, so he had to be thrown on earth. Of course, I cannot tell God what to do. I know this would be the thinking of many.

The point is, you simply cannot believe everything that you read. Many of the things written in the Bible are only aimed at frightening persons into compliance. This may have been the strategy used by leaders in the past. Once the name of God was used, then persons would have believed and done what they were told.

We have to keep searching for answers, near and far. These simple explanations just would not do.