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Vincentians, keep reaching for the stars


Fri, Feb 6, 2015

Editor: As a Vincy, I was much encouraged when I heard of Kenville Horne’s recognition. Also, I had read some time ago about Girley and her graduation from UWI. Indeed, these two individuals have given hope and inspiration to many persons who have lived and are living under unpleasant circumstances.{{more}}

It is heartwarming to know that these individuals were once homeless and also members of a gang. However, with the help of the Lord and with them taking hold of opportunities, they had a turnaround in their lives. Congrats, both Girly and Kenville. Keep reaching for the stars. Indeed, it shows that with determination and positive mindset we can achieve much.

Far too many of us Vincentians do not realize the potential we have. We, many times, are ruled by our circumstances. We need to start to change our thoughts and mind set from one of negativeness and dependency on government to one of positiveness, self-belief and maximizing our potential.

It is time that we free our minds from mental slavery and seek to achieve the best. This judgmental and pull down mentality, along with the dependency on government is what is keeping us from moving forward.

If we believe that we can achieve and be the best, then we can. If we strive to overcome the obstacles and have the determination to maximize our potential, then this country would move forward. For the human resource is the number one resource this country has for development.

Let us in this year, 2015, set goals and work towards them. Let us strive to make ourselves and this nation the best in the Western Hemisphere. It is my prayer that we would be there for one another with encouragement and prayerful support. When we do so, we would have a great nation.


Kennard King