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This mentality of cruelty against animals is not healthy for our country


Tue Feb 03, 2015

Editor: A gentleman from Georgetown approached me on January 29. He knows I am affiliated with the VSPCA (Vincentian Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals) and wanted to share his story.

It’s a sad one, so please do not read on if easily upset, like I was and still am.{{more}}

His job was a few houses away from his home, but close to the main road. His dog followed him. The man tried twice to take his dog back home, but the dog insisted on following his owner. The gentleman started his work with his dog in clear view. The dog settled himself in a shaded spot on the side of the road. Very shortly after, a car full of young men swerved four to five feet out of their way to hit his dog. They hit him hard, very hard. The owner looked on in horror. His dog, in complete shock, managed to get to him. “Les, I’ve never seen anything like this before. He looked at me. He sat on his back legs. He raised his two front paws to the heavens as if to say ‘Why, God ?’ Then he just fell over and died. Just like that.”

At this point we were both in tears. My heart and his gripped with pain. He knows the car, knows the licence plate. He knows that the people were on their way to a party being held in Georgetown. I begged him to report it to the police. He said they would not only do nothing, but would laugh at him. He asked about the law. “Any laws against this? This is not right! You know Les? I know of people. I hear them talking about how if they hit and kill a dog, they have good luck the whole day. These things are not right.”

I told him that there is an animal Act in place, but not being enforced. I explained that we have had meetings with the Ministers involved. I told him we are trying.

I am sharing this because, as the VSPCA, we need this law enforced. As concerned citizens, we need this law enforced. As caring human beings we need the law enforced.

Today, I settled myself with the thought that karma would intervene. Well, that’s not good enough. That could take too long. We need another meeting with the Ministers involved. We are fighting a losing battle without the law on our side. We desperately need their help. This sort of mentality is not healthy for our country. For visitors. For us the VSPCA. For the handful of citizens who do care.

For me, I’m hurting. I’m incapable of understanding this behaviour. I’m so close to giving up on this place I call home and love. BUT, I know that without our voice there will be no change. I’m asking you who care to please stand up and help us, help those who can’t speak for themselves.

Sorry to upset anyone. This is life at the moment. This HAS to change.

Leslie Barnard