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Parents, please pay close attention to your children’s lives


Tue Feb 03, 2015

Editor: Our children these days have a lot of privilege, too much in my opinion.

I met a child whom I found to be very interesting. I say this because of the kind of questions being asked by this child.{{more}}

He asked various questions, mainly asking me my thoughts on homosexuality. He mentioned his teacher and he pointed out his beliefs about his teacher’s lifestyle.

I was astonished. Homosexuality and unorthodox behaviour is not supported by our society, but everyone has his or her own life to live.

After listening diligently to this child, it appears that our tolerance for others is very limited. Children should be inspired by their teachers; I often think that children are very impressionable, and can be influenced very easily.

During this conversation with this child, he complained about numerous things; he complained about a teacher and the way he dresses and talks. While we cannot judge someone from the way they speak or dress, we live in a society where talk sells. Some children are afraid to ask their parents. Should children inquire about their teachers?

As parents, we expect the teachers to be role models to our children. Our children are exposed daily, but big men take advantage of our children. Could you imagine what occurs? The children who are exposed to abuse and speak about it should be complimented, because it is difficult.

Children should be informed about what to be aware of when situations of abuse arise. How should children handle big men and women who show sexual interest in them?

Parents need to show more interest in the lives of their children, be aware of their friends, be aware of their hobbies, and be careful of adults who show extra attention to your children. Children are very fragile in mind, and can be influenced very easily.

It is very inspiring when you hear a young person say they aspire to be a good citizen.

But when they are being influenced by drug dealers, money laundering, homosexuality and pimps, we must be worried about who or what can be of influence on our children. That’s why I’m hoping any teacher suspected of unorthodox behaviour should be penalized. There is no room for child abuse. One child abused is one child too much! So, I’m hoping when they read this, the ones that are abusing would stop.

Parents, please pay close attention to your children’s lives.

Kingsley DeFreitas