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ULP hopefuls in Marriaqua challenged to debate


Fri Jan 30, 2015

Editor: Please allow me a little space to offer a challenge.

The final round of ULP’s candidate selection is pending and is generating much interest and concern in the ultimate choice the party makes. However, my concern is with the constituency of Marriaqua, where there are three contenders vying to replace the incumbent.{{more}} Representation of people in a democratic system is of critical importance, as the elected representative, under our parliamentary system, determines to a large degree the “development” focus or lack thereof. In reality, the representative is the chief cook and bottle washer. That being the case, the more skillful the cook, the tastier the meals. As good constituents, we demand more and better meals.

Marriaqua is fortunate to have the ingredients in place for development, but it needs skillful hands and informed brains to combine them and take us further along a sustainable development cline. In a previous letter, I challenged the other two contenders to let us put our development vision and agenda before the people of Marriaqua before any candidate selection is done. I use this occasion to call for the debate once again, so that the people will help guide the selection as to who is most suitable to their development needs and aspirations. People want to trust us, but they also want to feel us out. We need to be reminded that a people in development must be a people in consultation. Let us give them the benefit of the process. Come, Jimmy, Kirk; don’t duck out! Let us debate. Pick the time, place and medium. Godson is ready. Let us rumble in the Valley!

Godson Cain