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My thoughts on Glen Jackson and Heritage Square


Tue Jan 27, 2015

Editor: February 2, 2015 would have been the birthday of Glen Jackson.

I made a promise that once I am living I would never forget him. His sterling contribution to this country as a radio personality will always be remembered by farmers, teachers, politicians,{{more}} entertainers and talk show hosts. We all are better off because of what he did; he was an extraordinary person.

I often wonder if Sir Vincent Beach, Prime Minister Ralph Gonsalves, Julian Francis and the chair for the ULP Edwin Snagg have forgotton about the impact Glen Jackson had on each of their lives.

The reason I wonder about that is because at the last convention held by the Unity Labour Party, there was no mention of Glen Jackson. “Out of mind because he is dead.” Oh, what a shame!

I often hear the voice of Hans King and I am immediately reminded of Glen Jackson, as their voices are similar. Sometimes I wonder if Elson Crick remembers Glen Jackson.

I continue keeping Glen Jackson’s memory alive because he would have done the exact same thing for me; that’s the kind of friendship we had. Who should be blamed for the incomplete investigation?

Glen Jackson was the Prime Minister’s press decretary; imagine if it was a normal man like myself; I would have remained a lost cause!

Let me remind you readers that Glen Jackson was my friend; that’s why I’m doing it my way. So, don’t get fed up of reading when I write about Glen Jackson. I am just trying to get the small things right.

There are questions which the police need to answer.

Is there an effort being made to solve the case of Glen Jackson’s death?

Do the police think that his death was malicious and calculated?

We need answers to these questions; there are too many unsolved homicides in St Vincent and the Grenadines. More needs to be done! Glen Jackson would not have settled; he would have demanded that more be done. So I am demanding that the investigation regarding the death of Glen Jackson be reopened. Solving crime is everybody’s business; we had approximately 36 deaths in 2014. When I sit and wonder where we are going wrong, I get puzzled.

I took some time off to visit Heritage Square and I’m wondering why this area was named Heritage Square. Madam Editor, it’s mind puzzling to see what occurs at Heritage Square. Children from various schools are found doing unhealthy things. “Let your imagination guide you!”

The authorities need to rethink their position with this area they call Heritage Square. Here are some questions for the authorities on Heritage Square. What is the purpose of having Heritage Square? Are the authorities happy with what occurs at Heritage Square? Why do we allow this behaviour to fester at Heritage Square?

What is so heritage about Heritage Square? Let me remind the authorities that Heritage Square is a breeding ground for criminal activities, so please pay close attention to what is taking place. Something needs to be done before it’s too late.

My friend Glen Jackson was an entertainer, but he would not have supported this kind of behaviour that occurs at Heritage Square. Let’s be our brother’s keeper, keep this country safe for our children, preserve the innocence.

Madam Editor, activities that occur at Heritage Square include the smoking of marijuana, the consumption of alcohol, lewd behaviour and vulgar conversations. Is that what having a nice time is about? We have to demonstrate values; let’s start with parents, schools, churches, radio stations, and forget about the extreme and hot behaviour.

Kingsley DeFreitas