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Righteous indignation


Fri, Jan 23, 2015

Editor: For a very long time I thought about this article, because I know that a lot of people would be offended by it, but once I am doing the right thing, that would not bother me a bit. The reason why wicked men continue to do wickedness and think that they would get away with it is because good men stand by and do nothing. It grieves my heart each day when I see the injustice that is taking place in my country. I believe that we who are called by the name of Christ ought not to stand by and do nothing about what is taking place right before our eyes.{{more}} When I look at my people and how we are so divided, I wonder how grim the future of this country would become if we don’t change our attitude towards one another.

I want to start with ‘we who are called by the name of Christ,’ because charity begins at home. Are we satisfied that what is happening in our country, the wicked acts that are being committed by some persons in authority? We know that sometimes the world casts accusations at us and the question is, “Where are the Christians and what are they doing to assist persons who are being marginalized and treated as second-class citizens?” Those who are suffering on a daily basis, are we sympathetic to their cause? We are supposed to be ambassadors for Christ and also His conscience here on earth. Are we satisfied to be Sunday or Saturday Christians, with the notion of looking cute and always making a fashion statement? We might say that we are praying for our country and our leaders. That is a very good thing, because prayer is a very powerful thing and it brings results; but is that all there is?

We need to make our presence known and felt. In other words, we should be sensitive enough as Christians to have righteous indignation and get out of our comfort zone. I am calling on all Christians, no matter what denomination, from the pulpit to the pews. Let us put aside our differences and stop the division among ourselves. Come together for one purpose and one purpose only, as we feel the pain of those who are hurting. Let us not only pray, but do something about it. Speak out when things are not going right in our country. Divide and rule seems to be the order of the day. Let us not be a part of that. God has called us to serve and He is counting on us to do so. I am not writing this to be popular, but to fulfill my God-given purpose. When Jesus went into His father’s house and saw the money changers he didn’t call His disciples and say let us pray that they would stop what they are doing in my father’s house. He overturned the tables and chased them all out. Let us take a stand for righteousness, for God’s sake!

Clifford Gould