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Does God make fools of people?


Fri, Jan 23, 2015

Editor: In 2 Thessalonians 2:10 -11, God promised to send strong delusions to those who reject His truths, so that they will believe a lie and be damned.

Some of the greatest myths circulated from our pulpits today are packaged under the teachings of the dispensationalists. Note I said, from our pulpits; this is because it is God who places a lying spirit in these men, so that they will believe a lie. “I will send them..” the verse says.{{more}}

The dispensations range from three to eight; below are the breakdowns:

1. Innocence or Edenic – conscience or antediluvian – civil government – patriarchal or promise – Mosaic or law – grace or church – millennium or kingdom – eternal or final.

2. Patriarchal – Mosaic or law – ecclessial – Zionic.

3. Law — Grace and Kingdom.

A careful study of this myth shows these people teaching that God’s grace was first revealed to a body of gentile believers at the passover gathering on the day of Pentecost. Who would ever think of Gentiles celebrating Pentecost or passover? Who were the people of the passover? The Jews were supposed to be saved through the keeping of a covenant made with Moses, known as the Mosaic laws; God’s covenant was not made with Moses. Moses was given a set of laws by God to give to His called out (church) in the wilderness. More on this issue of ‘church’ at a later date. The children of Israel, known also as the Jews, never referred to themselves as under covenant relationship through Moses, read about their disputations with Christ in the book of Matthew. ‘We be children of Abraham,’ they asserted. They, like the modern day dispensationalists, assert that ethnicity was the basis of being a Jew. In the book Esther chapter 8 and verse 17 records ‘and many of the people of the land became Jews…’ Now, I am of African descent. Is it possible for me to become Indian, Chinese or Caucasian? I hope you can see the delusion that you have long accepted through the ages. Let me interpose to say here, they became Jews through entering into a covenant relationship with the God of the Jews, the same process that makes us Christians today.

There is also the idea that Jesus started the church at Pentecost with gentile worshippers and that except for a few Jews, like Paul, (who was even a Gentile in the mind of the proponents of this theory, being a Roman citizen), Peter and a handful of others, the vast majority were Gentiles. Acts 2:5 dispels this false wind. It was Pentecost, the feast of the Passover that was celebrated by the Jews, not only were they Jews, but devout Jews. Not one of them was a Gentile. The book of Acts records the trouble God had to go through to get Peter to communicate with a Gentile (Cornelius) who wished to enter into a relationship with the church. That was years after Pentecost and it was noted that it was unheard of before that a Jew would keep company with a Gentile.

You should read the story for yourself. I am not here drawing attention to myself. I have no intention of breaking you away from your church.

Jesus wants His church to be one. I would not fragment it. The work I am here doing was announced to a group of Christian believers at a meeting at ‘Upper Room Ministries’ four years ago. I am just a voice crying in the wilderness.