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It is time to come out of recession


Tue, Jan 20, 2015

Editor: I must, first of all express my sincere condolences to those who lost loved ones in the recent tragedy which occurred last week Monday.

Such loss of lives is difficult to bear and is 100 times worse when children are involved. In times like these, we have to be very supportive of one another and we have to bear this pain together.{{more}} We shall overcome this pain and suffering. It is always difficult to understand why these things occur.

Scientists and non-scientists alike have dedicated an immense amount of time trying to understand life and the more we study life, the less we seem to understand it. Mankind does not fully understand the forces at work in this life and most of what we believe is based on assumptions and not facts. Even when we pray, we believe that a God is listening to our prayers, but we cannot prove it. Some claim we can, because their prayers have been answered; but for everyone who claims that his or her prayer has been answered, there are thousands who claim the opposite. However, that sincere belief is what we refer to as faith and faith can work wonders. You can have faith in almost anything and it is not limited to religious symbols.

Faith comes about from the spirit accepting a belief and then being able to impress it on the universal energy. If we believe that praying or even wearing a special shoe results in us achieving our goals or brings us what we refer to as luck, then this would eventually be impressed upon the universal energy. Our major problem today is that we have beaten our spirits into recession and they no longer play leading roles in our lives. We are now being led by our minds, which are focussed on material things; hence instead of enhancing us, they only serve to distract us. The spirit is an advanced warning system which communicates with the universal energy and other spirits and should be leading us in the decision making process.

We have to start an international crusade to restore the spirit to its true role and prominence, so that it can guide us on an everyday basis. It is this spirit that holds our true values. It is time to come out of this recession.