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We need to reclaim our African divinity and our ancient legacies


Tue, Jan 13, 2015

Editor: Unless we learn everything there is to be known about our divine stories, we will never know the full extent of the beauty and richness of our true cultural heritage and natural identity as Africans. When will we, as African descendants, realize our true identity and learn to forget about the Europeans’ mental illusions and fantasies, which have mentally confused our people in so many ways for so many centuries.{{more}}

We are living in a new age, an age of knoweldge and enllghtenment, and we have a better opportunity now, more than ever before, to emancipate ourselves from any form of psychological enslavement. Knowledge is powerful! And there is a lot of knowledge right now on the Internet about our ancient heritage and divine culture, that we can now source to have a better awareness of our great ancestors and the greatness of their marvelous achievements; this knowledge of our ancestors can easily help us to enrich and empower ourselves to grow as real Africans.

We should never depend on ‘tel-lie-vision’ to teach us what we need to know about our ancient ancestry. Remember most of the programmes that we see on the ‘tel-lie-vision’ are produced and funded by the same people who once enslaved our forefathers and mothers. They used these mediums to train our children’s minds from a very tender age to believe in whatever they want them to believe in, so they can easily manipulate them to follow their ideals and philosophies. Ask yourselves these questions, my people: why do you think our communities are so full of chaos, and why do you think they have so many broken homes and disfunctional families among our people today in society? This is no accident; most of our people are living out the reflections of what they were taught by their slave masters, yet most of our people are too mentally blind to see the reality of what is taking place. We really need to wake up from all the lies, illusions and misconceptions of our divine people; we need to stop fooling our youths with all the foolishness that has no real content nor fundamental meaning to their lives. How much longer shall our people go on like fools, being tricked by all the myths and fairy tales of the Europeans. Our children’s minds need to be free, and they need to know the truth about their natural born liberty, and it is our sole responsibility to teach them the greatness of themselves and their true ancestry. Reversion time is now! Sources that we can source to help us liberate ourselves from mental and spiritual enslavement: John Henry Clake, Jewels Pookrum, Runoko Rashidi, Dr Yosef A. Ben ochannan, Haile Selassie I, Marcy Garvey, Dr Lali Afrika, Dr Sebi; movies like “500 Years Later” and “Ancient Knowledge.”

Curth Clifton