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Take a look on the inside


Tue, Jan 13, 2015

Editor: Each day before leaving our homes, we take a final look in the mirror, trying to ensure we look the best we possibly can. Some persons pay more attention to looks than others and I do believe that females tend to pay more attention to their looks than males.{{more}} There is nothing wrong with trying to look good; however, some of us have become too obsessed with our looks and have forgotten that there are more important things in life. Many leave home anticipating compliments on their outfit, especially if attending a special function or even a funeral. We often see them having persons take pictures of them or doing it themselves in what is now popularly known as selfies. These are sometimes immediately uploaded to social media.

I do believe that in many cases, persons lack self-confidence, hence have to consistently seek the opinion of others regarding their appearance. Persons even go as far as asking others how he or she looks. If someone is indecently exposed I would draw it to his or her attention, but I am not interested in anyone’s external garments. I am interested in knowing what is happening on the inside. We have paid so little attention to the development on the inside that it is now being manifested in all the ills of our society, yet we are still not taking note. We are training our children to focus on their outward appearance, while ignoring what is going on inside of them.

We, as humans, are body, mind and spirit. The mind is further divided into the conscious and subconscious. The conscious mind is concerned with everyday activities such as what we do or think. The subconscious is that connection between your conscious mind and your spirit, which assimilates information that is coming from the universe. Your spirit basically serves to forewarn you. These entities make us complete beings, but we have to make full use of them. Your conscience must always be your guide. You do not need any Ten Commandments to tell you what is right or wrong. The Ten Commandments nor the entire Bible ever mentioned anything about computers, but you know it is wrong to send a virus to someone else’s computer.

The point is, you must not be defined by your external appearance, but by what is being manifested as a result of what is going on inside of you. We must train our children so that they develop internally. We must help them to develop spiritually, but we must not confuse spiritual development with devotion to some religion.