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Questions for the Ministry of Education


Tue, Jan 13, 2015

Editor: Education is a very important aspect of our country’s development; we have come a long way and we still are growing.

The ULP speaks about the Education Revolution; is there such a thing as Education Revolution? Do you think we are getting returns from our investment in education?{{more}}

The Prime Minister and the Minister of Education boast about our Education Revolution; my understanding of revolution means a drastic change; have there been drastic changes?

Are our children benefiting from the teachers who have been issued some level of training? While the Government is saying no child is left behind, is that manifesto itself in terms of quality education?

The ULP government invested in education by training teachers, providing computers for our children; all these efforts must be complimented.

I have some questions for the Ministry of Education:

(i) Is there a programme in place for the use of the computers?

(ii) How are these computers maintained?

(iii) Is it true that 2,100 of these computers need repairs?

(iv) Is there anything in place to make sure the computers are used for the correct purpose?

(v) Are there teachers trained in Information Technology?

(vi) How many of the teachers that are trained implement the training they received?

On the surface they seem to be doing well, but I am wondering if the Minister of Education and the Permanent Secretary understand the problems the children are facing.

Reading, mathematics, English A, physical education, these are areas where our children are struggling.

Why is remedial teaching not being practised? What is the purpose for all these learning resource centres?

It will be unfair to say the ULP isn’t trying; but how hard are they really trying?

I’m hoping the Prime Minister, the Minister of Education, parents and guardians and children take their responsibilities seriously.

Kingsley Defreitas