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Until the only just judge arrives


Fri, Jan 09, 2015

Editor: The story is told of a ruler who had hired servants, but he owed a sum of money to another ruler. When the time came for him to pay the money, he was lacking and was forgiven the debt he owed, but one of his servants owed him just a few dollars and couldn’t pay at the time. Do you know what he did? He ordered his soldiers to arrest the servant and throw him in jail. Remember that this same ruler had just been forgiven the debt that he owed, which was a lot more than what his servant owed him.{{more}}

So, you see, there has not been justice on this earth for a long time and there would not be for a very long time until the only just judge, who is the Lord God Almighty, presides. There has been a lot of injustice done to a lot of people that they would never get redress for. The poor will always be marginalized and that’s the way it is. Sad to say, the rich will continue committing the same crime, or even worse than the poor and will be treated differently, while the poor will always have to pay the full consequences. My friends, this will continue until the only just judge thinks it is time to put a stop to every injustice on this earth.

Clifford E Gould