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Reflecting on the past year


Fri, Jan 09, 2015

Editor: Happy New Year to you and staff and also to all my readers. I wish each and every one all the best for this year. As we reflect on the past year that is now in history, there would be many memories, both good and bad. No doubt last year, 2014, will go down in history for the large amount of murders in a year. This year, we hope and pray, would see a vast reduction in crimes and murders.{{more}}

As we begin this year, it is important that, as a people, we seek to love and respect one another. Of course, since we are human beings, we would not always agree on everything and from time to time there would be disagreements and anger. However, we have to learn to agree to disagree. Even when there are disputes, we have to learn to respect one another’s view and to forgive.

I ask of us to forgive. Almost everyone says the Lord’s Prayer in Matthew 6, yet many have failed to forgive. Then, if we failed to forgive, we are praying a lie and we are also blocking our own forgiveness. As hard as it is, let us, by God’s help, forgive one another. For, if we forgive more, we would have a more peaceful nation.

Let us stop the pulling down and disrespect that we hear so often on radios. Of course, we ought to be critical when needs be, but we can be respectful and give constructive criticism. It is time we learn to stop hate and to love. Even if a person does not agree with us and even does bad things, we ought to show love and give respect when it is due.

It is my prayer that this year we would, as a nation, learn to work together regardless of political, religious or social persuasion. Let us in this year be mature and not be quick to judge or condemn before we have gotten the facts.

I would hope that soon attention would be paid to the little things that we often neglect, like in Barrouallie, where the coverings over the drains in some places have been for the longest while left open. This, of course, poses a problem to traffic, since it minimizes the available space for both vehicles to pass. Also I would hope that police would be more vigilant on private vehicles and check on their licences and insurance more than they have been doing. We know that they are always checking up on the minivans, but they need to do the same with the private vehicles.

May God bless SVG and let us all promote this country, not pull it down. Blessed New Year to all.

Kennard King