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Let this be the year of resurgence of the inner self


Tue, Jan 06, 2015

Editor: We have just completed our celebration of another Christmas season and I would like to take this opportunity to wish each a Happy New Year and hope it brings peace and prosperity. Upon reflection, the past year would have had different results for different people, but for me another year has passed, yet we have not witnessed the return of Christ. How much longer must we wait? {{more}}For me, this is simply a rhetorical question, as I do not believe that such an event would ever occur. What I do believe is that this aspect of the Christian doctrine has done significant damage to its credibility. It has made the doctrine much less believable. This has been further compounded by stories such as Noah and the Ark and someone spending three days in the stomach of a large fish.

Though the return of Christ may be considered as the foundation of the Christian teaching, I do believe that the time has come for much less emphasis to be placed on this aspect of the doctrine. It definitely has to be repackaged for future generations. If this is not done, the religion may become part of the retirement package of persons, as is evident today in that most persons begin going to church on a regular basis in their twilight years. A religion should be a guide to effective living.

We must recognize that religions are really based on what has been documented of someone or several persons’ encounter with God. We can all have our own religion, because we, too, can have our own encounter with God. This is the way it ought to be. If what is documented is true, then God would certainly tell you the same thing as he told the others. This would be difficult to do now because our minds have already been tainted by the teaching of others; hence, we would mostly likely imagine that we heard the same things as expounded by those who wrote the Bible. We must make direct contact with the God of this universe and be not misled by those who tell that this is no longer necessary since the arrival of Jesus Christ. Think about this: according to the Bible, death is as a result of sin and Satan was and is the architect of sin. Why would God choose the death of someone to show love, knowing that death was as a result of an act of the Devil? Christ was most likely killed by those who thought he threatened the status quo.

Let this year be a year of resurgence of the inner self. We ought to spend a bit more time meditating and listening to the inner voice. It is only the inner self can truly guide us and give us our true religion.