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Let there be peace, good will amongst us


Fri, Dec 19, 2014

Editor: With Christmas just being a couple days away, there would be mixed emotions as the day approaches. The event of Christmas 2013 will still be fresh in the minds of many persons, especially those families that were directly affected.{{more}}

Christmas this year should have a difference. Of course we would still as a people enjoy the lighting up. But of course, while we make our preparations, let us remember that the emphasis should not be so much on the decorations and niceties, but rather on Christ coming to earth to save us from our sins.

We must admit that as a people we are treating Christmas as carnival. We seldom hear good Christmas carols, but rather there are partying, rum drinking and still for many, a time of worldly enjoyment.

We need as a people to refocus and put Christ back into Christmas. For after all, without him we can never have a Christmas. We need to have a christlike focus rather than the merriment of drinking and partying. It is a shame that we have not learnt as a nation. Nor have we improved in our spiritualness as a people.

I take this opportunity to remember those who are saddened by the memory of last year’s event. I urge us a nation to spend the day in giving thanks and praise God. For indeed, the three wise men after they found the baby Jesus, fell down and worshipped him, thus we must do the same by worshipping the Lord Jesus.

I wish all Vincentians both here and abroad a Christ centered Christmas and also to others who may read this article the same. It is my prayer that this nation would awake to the reality of how fragile life is and turn our lives over to the Lord. It is my prayer that as a nation Christ would become the object of our affection. Let peace and good will be amongst us.

Let me wish you Editor and also your family a blessed, Christ centered Christmas.Thanks for allowing me the opportunity to publish my articles.

Kennard King