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Everyone – exercise caution!


Fri, Dec 19, 2014

Editor: It is a custom during any holiday season for some unscrupulous persons to stalk or look for persons to prey on. Sometimes the robbers sneak up on women carrying purses or handbags over their shoulders or in their hands. So I wish to urge EVERYONE to be careful. Beware of innocent-looking robbers who may try to snatch your belongings, especially when walking in a crowd.{{more}} Look behind, over your shoulders at times to see if someone might be stalking you. Elderly women and men would do well to have a younger person accompany them when shopping or doing some other important business. Of course, men and children regardless of age must also be on guard against possible robbery.

Store owners must also tighten up security. I recall one woman grabbing a pair of baby shoes from a “stand” and slipping it quickly into a black plastic bag. She was out of the store almost immediately. So I’m urging EVERYONE to be very cautious at ALL times and more so during this holiday season.


Brianna Patterson