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Why no boats on Christmas Day?


Fri, Dec 12, 2014

Editor: When enquiring about the Ferry Schedule to Bequia for the Holidays, to my great surprise, I learned that there were no boats at all sailing on Christmas Day; not to Bequia and not to any of the other Grenadines.{{more}}

How is this possible in a modern world, where everybody is trying hard to generate some business and develop the Tourism Industry? Am I to believe… that from three operating companies not one of them is keeping up the services advertised for holidays by at least providing one boat in the morning and one in the evening. Could they not get together in the interest of the country and arrange something? Do they not care that Vincentians may want to visit each other on Christmas Day but cannot do so on the “Biggest Holiday” of the year?

What about our foreign visitors, our main source of income? They are stuck, terribly disappointed not to reach their “paradise” destination as promised, as there is nothing to do for them in a Kingstown shut down on holidays as usual? Plus, they’re not only loosing 2 precious days but will also have to book additional hotels and bear substantial expenses. Most likely they will never visit again and we wonder why we are in last place if it comes to Tourism!

Are we so naive to believe that in any of our neighboring islands and for that matter all over the world, services are allowed to just close down because it’s Christmas; buses, trains, ferries, planes etc not moving? What do we think would happen there? Please reconsider, there is still time. Have at least one boat!

Otmar Schaedle, Bequia