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Remembering Ewert “Ells” King


Tue, Dec 5, 2014

Editor: It will truly be remiss of us if we fail to mention the late Ewert “ELLS” King who was killed in the most horrific fashion on December 4, 2011 in his very home.{{more}}

It is still very annoying to say the least, that a meaningful investigation was not even put in place for an innocent man; innocent for at the time, the laws of the land did not correct him for any wrong doing. He is/was innocent, yet the “sleeze balls” who destroyed him are still walking around pretending to be what they are not and are succeeding in fooling a good cross section of the Vincentian public.

I am no law person, but I know enough to know that a crime scene would never be the same once it is tampered with. And this was exactly what was alleged to have happen on December 4, 2011, which was a good indication that that would have been the end of that matter.

Ells suffered immensely for hours because he put up a great fight to save his life because he had much to live for unlike the monsters who are alleged to have killed him. Many humans by their actions show that they are no different from some ferocious animals. Some destroy others verbally while others do the actual killing. What they fail to note is that whatever they do returns to haunt them at some point in time if their consciences are not too bear to bear the brunt of their cruelties.

I must reiterate that ‘Ells” suffered tremendously in the final moments of his life line and for what. His perpetrators could never give a valid reason. This land is plagued with too many senseless killings. Persons who are making worthwhile contributions are wiped out for no apparent reasons and some just don’t seem to care. But someone – God, is watching always from a distance.