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NDP a party not to be trusted


Tue, Dec 5, 2014

Editor: Condolences go out to the wife, children and immediate family and friends of the late Edgar Cruickshank. In time the truth will be revealed.{{more}}

The NDP elections machinery is active. Congrats to them for getting active on the ground. They truly would not be left behind.

It is interesting to say the least, to hear of their promises. It is almost laughable to hear Ben Exeter who does not understand Vincentian needs talking about 1000 acres of banana. How are they going to fund this programme and how are they going to motivate persons to get to the lands to plant bananas and also where are the profitable markets?

Creating employment is another of their promises. Where are they going to find the jobs and at what cost? Will they be able to balance the books in an already fragile economy with the creation of so many jobs?

They have been using Leon “Bigger Biggs” Samuel situation as a campaigning issue. It is my firm belief that they are just using this situation to gain votes. It is belief based on the NDP track record of just caring for the big shots in their party and the big financiers, and their lack of love for people that they would if gained power forget about “Bigger Biggs”. He would be placed in the dung heap.

For me, he would have gained more empathy and support, had he left the politics out and not let NDP use him as a political tool. Be careful Bigger Biggs. Whatever are the views of people on both sides of the fence, he would have attracted persons and even received help, but he has allowed it to be tainted with NDP support, thus making it a political issue.

NDP is not a party to be trusted, but a party that is concerned about their selfish gain and ambition.

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