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We need to look at issues from a nationalistic point of view


Fri Dec 05, 2014

Editor: We know that elections mood is very active here in SVG. It is for us not to be fooled by politicians and promises. We need to look at issues from nationalistic point of view. We need to look at issues rather than just supporting a party blindly.{{more}}

No government would be able to eradicate crimes. A honest look at the murders and other crimes would reveal that it has nothing to do with the economy, but rather the state of man’s heart, the drug trade and revenge just to name a few.

Looking at the unemployment situation, no government would be able to provide jobs for everyone. However an atmosphere must be created where businesses can flourish and thus create employment. At another time, I will develop this idea. It is true however to say that the unemployment rate has reduced. The evidence is seen with more persons working in different ministries, schools, etc.

Victimization has been with us since 1951 when we were able to elect our own government and would continue because of various reasons, among them are the system and party faithful who have toiled hard for their party would when their party takes office be rewarded with a good job. So in rewarding the party faithful jobs would be taken away and giving to other persons.

I am yet to see a party that has never been accused of victimization. It is doubtful that any party would be able to effectively stop it. We have to be honest with ourselves times are hard economically thus, victimization would continue to reward party faithful.

In order to stop the accusation of victimization, more jobs of similar nature would have to be created so as to give the party faithful jobs. Likewise, the current persons employed in key position in the civil service who are not supporter of the party then in power would have to remain. We know that sometimes they are removed.

Let us not use the social media, namely, Facebook to attack and slander one another. But as intelligent Vincentians let us discuss and debate issues that can aid us in uplifting and educating one another. Thus we can be able to intelligently support a party, base on performance and trust.

Let us not be fooled by promises but be mature in our thinking and look at the issues. Doing so would lift our standard of campaigning and minimize the slander and personal attacks on one another. It would also reduce the division that exist due to politics.

Kennard King