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The ULP is the best party for the future of SVG


Fri Nov 21, 2014

Editor: Vincentians, the NDP has a trick that they have been using on you to bamboozle you and I am going to attempt to point it out to you so that you will understand why you must never listen to them with their disingenuous information that is deliberately used to cause you to become confused.{{more}}

So far, the NDP strategy has worked and it has worked extremely well. They have gotten us to keep our focus on Gonsalves as the biggest sinner in St Vincent and Arnhim Eustace, whom they portray as a saviour and a saint. They deliberately masterminded this illusion to keep us distracted so we wouldn’t discover why the NDP would be potentially, the most corrupt and incompetent party to lead St Vincent, if Vincentians, were either crazy or stupid to vote them in office.

The strategy that they have been using to keep us foolish is based on the belief that Vincentians are indeed stupid and I plan to demonstrate, how blind we have been to this.

When you examine the NDP supporters’ complaints, three themes ring through: one of envy, one of corruption and one of “the devil Gonsalves.”

With the theme of envy, you will hear how only three individuals are doing financially well in St Vincent and the Grenadines. These three individuals are Gonsalves, his cousin Julian and his son, Camilo. Then despite that statement, in the other breath, you will hear “only ULP supporters are doing well, while everyone else is catching hell.” Well, if ULP supporters are only Gonsalves, Camilo and Julian, this accusation would be true. If there are more people who are ULP supporters in SVG, then this campaign slogan regarding those that are living high on the hog must be false. Ask yourself this question, are any NDP supporters doing well?

Surely Mr Arnhim Eustace and all of the other appointed and elected members of the opposition are doing well, in collecting a government pay cheque, compliments of the Vincentian taxpayers, the same as the ULP elected members. There are other extremely vocal supporters of the NDP who work with the government and are also collecting taxpayers’ money for their salaries and seem to be doing quite well. I have not heard him complain that they couldn’t pay their Internet bills, which by the way is a luxury. So, I must deduce that they are doing well.

There are hundreds of other NDP supporters that seem to even be doing better than ULP supporters. Some of these individuals, I am told don’t work, but they have vehicles, homes, gas to put in the vehicles to investigate all of the commess scenes in Vincy, as well as, all of the necessary requirements to get on the Internet and create problems.

The other charge against the ULP that is propagated by the NDP is “corruption.” Each time I hear an NDP mouthpiece mention corruption, I smile. I actually, believe that these NDP mouthpieces are also envious of the folks whom they accuse of stealing. Then you have to ask yourself how, on God’s green earth, these people work up the nerve to criticize anyone when they have worse characters?

The NDP has convicted criminals who have done time in jail calling other people names. They castigated Tamara Marks for stealing. Even after the lady repaid the money, plus a fine, resigned from her job and was disbarred from practising law in St Vincent. This penalty was not sufficient for these individuals who call themselves Christians. Do you know why? I will tell you why. They wanted her to go to prison because they did, even though the crimes, and in some cases, the jurisdiction were not the same. The NDP really should not accuse anyone of corruption because the corruption that is called Ottley Hall is the grand master of all corruption.

Their last contention, which involves the demonizing of Gonsalves and the glorification of Eustace, is the greatest illusion and they are literally attempting to pull a rabbit out of a hat. They want us to focus on Gonsalves and Eustace because they don’t want us to see the dead bones down below Eustace within the NDP. Gonsalves and Eustace represent both the past and the present. They are headed into retirement, so we cannot become lost in this personalty argument.

We must look down below to see what the future holds. Remove Gonsalves and Eustace completely from the picture and behold the future of St Vincent via the lenses of each party. Do your own comparison analysis, then tell me if you want to trust Vincy in the hands of the NDP rogues? The NDP continuously uses the accusation of rape to tarnish the Prime Minister’s name. However, below Eustace, within the NDP, there are also accusations of rape. Is that the same with down below Gonsalves, in the chain of command, within the ULP?

Look at the future stars down below Gonsalves and behold a bright future for the country. Can you honestly see a bright future when you look down below Eustace, in the chain of command? Vincentians, your only hope for a future is with the ULP. If Eustace were to be elected and he were to become terminally ill, the rogues will be immediately in control of the country. Do you know why they tell us the children are the future? They are the ones that will take over when the old people are no longer. If you want better for the future in StVincent and the Grenadines, stand firm with LABOUR!!

Helena R. Edwards

Mount Vernon, NY