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‘Deadly, toxic!’


Fri Nov 21, 2014

Editor: I want to start this article by saying that sometimes I feel that the Traffic Department is not doing its job in the best way. My reason for saying this is that there are so many vehicles that need to be taken off the road because they are not road worthy.{{more}}

I want to pinpoint a problem that is dangerous and has been going on for a very long time. I am talking about the kind of smoke that is coming out of some vehicles. Sometimes the smoke is so black that you cannot even see the vehicle in front of you. The smoke is very black, smelly and dangerous.

As a matter of fact it is deadly to your lungs. Yes, it is deadly toxic because from that can come all kinds of diseases that can be deadly to everyone’s health. Sometimes I do not know

how some of these vehicles pass inspection. I think we are too loose in this country and it seems like anything goes. We make laws and they are not being implemented. What is the use then of these laws? As I always say, it’s a waste of time and waste of taxpayers’ money!

I am calling on the Traffic Department to make sure that these vehicles are properly serviced, so that when they pass, we do not have to hold our noses to avoid inhaling all of that dirty toxin. We need to become more proactive in St Vincent and the Grenadines. Let us stop this foolishness of waiting until something happens before we do something about it. I have travelled extensively both regionally and internationally and I have never seen this kind of thing happening in any other country. What happen, are we the worst, so that no one cares about us and how we feel?

The nation is already a very sick one. Let us not make it any sicker. We cannot be talking wellness and yet allow persons to pollute the atmosphere like this. Come on; a healthy nation is a prosperous nation. Remember people are our most important resource. A sick people cannot work and so this would cause further breakdown of our economy and lead to total disaster.

Clifford Gould