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The star shines brilliantly


Tue Nov 18, 2014

Editor: On November 5, 2014, I had the pleasure to listen to a programme on Star Radio that was hosted by two elected representatives of the Unity Labour Party, Cecil McKie and Montgomery Daniel. These two gentlemen (true gentlemen) were a breath of fresh air. They have restored some hope in my mind that St Vincent and the Grenadines does have an opportunity for an excellent future with these calibre leaders.{{more}}

Often our perception is skewed based on the information or material to which we have access. Those folks that are in the business of motivating others will always tell us “surround yourself with positive people if your goal is to succeed in life.” The main reason they tell us this is because whatever the mind perceives becomes the individual’s reality. Many of you might be familiar with the scripture that also advises on this. I believe it says something like this: “As a man thinks so is he.”

The mind is the most powerful instrument of the human. It programs and controls every aspect of the human’s life. The computer that has become the most important invention to humans in our time, is patterned after the mind. We have often heard it said about computers that they can only perform the functions that they were programmed to do. So, in that vein, there is this popular saying about computers: “garbage in, garbage out.”

As the human computer, an individual’s mind operates in exactly the same way. If the mind is programmed with garbage, it can only process and release garbage. Individuals that surround themselves with negative people are programmed with negativity. This negativity limits that individual to only negative and destructive behaviour (remember the process – garbage in, garbage outThe individual demonstrates only destructive behaviour. He or she is limited to “destroy” or tear down rather than “build up.”

In psychology. there is a famous Rorschach Test that a psychologist uses to ascertain the basic condition of an individual’s mind – whether that individual’s perception is skewed to “negative” or “positive.” The psychologist shows the patient a number of flash cards and asks him or her what he or she sees? Each individual will see something different based on his or her perception. Based on the responses from the patient, the psychologist knows if that individual’s perception veers to “the negative” or to “the positive.” The psychologist is then able to determine how he or she will treat the patient.

For those of us who have had the misfortune of being in company with members of the NDP, who only manufacture and market negativity, our perceptions have been most definitely affected. We have been programmed continuously with garbage. But last night, the bright stars of the ULP offered much needed positive therapy, which has totally changed my perception of St Vincent and the Grenadines.

These two ULP stars were discussing remedies and solutions to the problems of Vincentians! Each time I have mentioned the word “solution” in an NDP dominated discussion, I ignited the wrath of NDP mouthpieces who resorted to tracing me down to where my navel string was buried. I was beginning to think that the word “solution” was a profanity and an insult that made folks targets for lynchings. But that programme on the Star Radio, reinforced within me a major lesson that my mom has taught throughout my childhood: “no matter how dark the sky is, when a STAR appears it illuminates the darkness and brings light to all. Vincentians, if you hope for a better future, follow the Star! The Star was the guide for the southern slaves in America to escape from slavery and it is the only hope for Vincentians to escape the darkness of the NDP.

Helena R Edwards

Mount Vernon, New York).