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Team SVG soccer not improving


Tue Nov 18, 2014

Editor: Soccer supporters had much to say after the national senior team failed again to qualify in the recently concluded CFU Caribbean Championship Cup last month.{{more}}

Team SVG was beaten as a result of soccer knowledge and intelligence not being applied when it was necessary – a collective lack of understanding of the game situation.

The players can run, kick, head the ball and tackle; but support, balance, compactness, having the necessary possession, and recognizing/countering tactical situations was not applied in any uniformed manner. This is what happens when all members of the team do not attend practice regularly.

Players turn up late to practice with many excuses, then expect to leave as soon as practice is done – without analysing their performance nor that of the team. It is not until players make the changes themselves that Team SVG will qualify in competitions in the future.

Presidents, executives, national players and coaches have changed over the years, but the manner in which Team SVG loses has not. This proves that our players and the state of soccer in SVG is not improving – not even with all the financial and technical assistance received from FIFA.

Game understanding is related to the tactical side of the game. Developing vision and game awareness is crucial from an early age. In soccer, one action is never repeated in exactly the same way; the game situation changes constantly.

Team practice and game experience in different situations aid the players by improving their knowledge of the game. If our 16 – 19 year olds don’t become knowledgeable of these aspects and do not practise properly and regularly, when they become senior players we cannot expect them to perform any better.

We have to stop saying that Team SVG is “not fit” and that its “first touch” is its problem.

In 1979, nine-a-side soccer was created in SVG, and now England has made it mandatory for developing its youth programme. The soccer authorities in SVG cannot or refuse to recognize this process because of its origin and who created it.

There are many coaching clinics on Saturday mornings which need monitoring and proper programming. Soon our female soccer players will need experienced coaching if they are to perform better in competitions.

The SVGFF executive could lose FIFA assistance if it does not comply with FIFA rules. The executive has not told this country about its meeting with FIFA in Brazil. Maybe they don’t care or do not respect the supporters, sponsors and contributers, who ultimately make soccer in SVG happen.

Seymour ‘Rollit’ Walrond