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Inform schools beforehand, visit at appropriate times!


Fri, Nov 14, 2014

Editor: It is a custom for varying groups to visit schools throughout St Vincent and the Grenadines, whether religious, health, or environmental. I have no problem with such groups visiting if they so choose, for at times they do impart useful information to students and teachers. We thank the groups for such.{{more}} However, it becomes a problem when these groups show up suddenly at the school, unannounced. A teacher may be delivering a lesson, when abruptly, a group shows up and the teacher’s lesson is interrupted. A health group may unexpectedly show up, interrupt a teacher to open a cupboard for their examination, or another group requiring the entire school to assemble in a hall for their programme. I find this to be so ridiculous! How much better it will be for any group wishing to visit a school to call the school beforehand and let the principal know of their plan to visit, what day they wish to visit, and the time. This way, the principal can then inform teachers, so that they can plan their classwork in a way to minimize or prevent lesson interruptions. I do wish that groups that usually visit schools will heed the above information. Thanking the groups kindly in advance for their cooperation.

Teacher Annie