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Incest: a wicked act!


Fri Nov 14, 2014

Editor: From time to time we see a lot of young people, both girls and boys, just liming around town, not looking like they want to go home and sometimes we wonder why. Well, here are some reasons why that happens. Sometimes the home environment is one to shy away from because of many factors. These include verbal abuse, psychological abuse and the most dangerous one of all, sexual abuse. These acts are committed by fathers, brothers, uncles, cousins or even neighbours. Sad to say it happens in all classes of the society, lower, middle and upper.{{more}}

Any mother who knows that there is a family member who does these things and at the same time tries to protect that person is the same or worse than the offender. When someone tells you that such an act has been committed against him or her, whether the perpetrator is your husband, son, mother, nephew or friend, you should report the matter to the authorities immediately. The person who commits the act should be locked up and also charged a fine.

When someone has been sexually abused at an early age it messes with that person’s future and leaves scars for a lifetime. When I think about those men, and sometimes women, who commit these wicked acts on our young children, I wish I had something to do with the judicial system in this country. Incest is a wicked act and must be dealt with more severely. I am calling on these persons to desist from doing these things. You are destroying the nation’s future. I am appealing to the authorities to deal with the lawless without prejudice.

There are signs that indicate that someone has been or is being sexually abused. When you hear a child/young lady saying to you or anyone “He is not my uncle/father anymore,” then you have to begin to question that, child. Any kind of abuse, especially sexual abuse, must be condemned and exposed because the next victim might be someone close to YOU. Incest in a family can tear it apart and healing can only come when the wrongdoers admit their wrong and are made to pay for their crime. Then, and only then, can forgiveness be given and restitution made.

Clifford E. Gould