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Let us welcome the Ecuadorians to our country


Fri, Nov 7, 2014

Editor: As good citizens of this country, we should all welcome the ECUADORIANS to this country with open arms. It is commendable that they would come here, some with their families, to help in the construction of bridges.{{more}}

We should never be so immature and politically dishonest that we would be critical of them wearing their army uniforms, when this was done previously. During the time of the NDP, we had army personnel from the US, who came here and did work for us at Campden Park and also at Calliaqua. These army personnel wore their uniforms daily during their work.

It is rather sad that we would now make an issue over the Ecuadorians wearing their uniforms to work on a daily basis. I trust the Hon Representative for North Leeward and his supporters would be responsible enough to welcome them and make their stay as comfortable as possible. For, being hostile towards them can have serious consequences. For it may well mean that they can pack up and go and leave the bridges unfinished. Then when they do that it will mean that the people of those communities will suffer the most, along with other persons who may use the bridges from time to time.

Even a change of government can mean not just a delay of the project, but an abandoning of the project. Furthermore, it can caused reluctance in aid to this country by the government of Ecuador.

After all, we are Vincentians and we ought to love this country and look beyond party politics and embrace what is good, while condemning what is bad. I therefore appeal to us to work together, regardless of party persuasion and also let us not be blinded by party politics. Let us compliment and applaud these army men from Ecuador for giving us their time and effort in such worthwhile projects. For indeed, SVG stands to benefit from these projects.

Politicians would come and go, but SVG would remain. Let us be mature and display love and reject any immaturity and pettiness. God bless SVG.

Kennard King