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Is the NDP serious about governance in this country?


Fri, Nov 7, 2014

Editor: Is NDP serious about governance in this country? Hmm, it is hard to believe that they are. Can you imagine they want to govern this country, yet on independence day they were absent except the Hon. St.Clair Leacock. Where is the love and patriotism? Is it when they are in office, then they would recognize Independence?{{more}}

Can you imagine they are paid to represent people and rather than go into the house and let their voices be heard where they can do the people’s business, they choose to boycott Parliament. By the way, they need to explain what the persecutions are that businessman Leon “Bigger Bigs” Samuel is receiving from the hands of the ULP government. NDP can’t be serious about governance in this country.

They seem to oppose everything even if it is good and offer no alternative to what they criticize. Maybe they are comfortable in Opposition where they are getting their “fat” salaries and doing nothing.

They can’t be serious about governing this country when one of the representatives’ office had to be closed because he is not paying his rent, although he is receiving $1,500 for his constituency office. Tell me what he was doing with the money and what would he be doing with the money now that the office is closed.

Do we all remember that they said they would cooperate with the government save and except for elections. So would they continue to oppose everything regardless if it is good for the country? Would they continue to boycott parliament including the Estimates which would be presented shortly in the House? They are indeed a bunch of jokers.

They can’t be serious about governing this land called SVG with Hon. Arnhim Eustace still as its leader. If, they have any sense of purpose and seriousness about governing SVG, then they must act now and remove Eustace as their leader and replace him with St.Clair Leacock. But then again doing so might cause a division and a break up in the party for leadership. So poor NDP they they are heading for yet another defeat at the polls.

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