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Congratulations to Marion House on its 25th anniversary


Fri Nov 7, 2014

Editor: Each year at this time we take stock of those who assist in moving the nation forward in various ways. I would like to congratulate Marion House on its 25 years of existence. This has certainly filled a need in guiding young people who have not had the traditional route for success.{{more}}

Since 2004, an award has been given at the Girls’ High School (GHS) to someone who has been involved in serving the community. These young people have been:

2004-Rachael Oliver

2005-Tamisha Browne

2006-Amber Glasgow

2007-Lizanna Pollard

2008- Jai-Len Williams

2009-Rose-Anne Richardson

2010-Lusha Lorraine

2011-River Providence

2012-Breanna Antoine

2013-Nikelene McLean

2014-Kelsie Haynes

These community award recipients exemplify the principles of selflessly being positive, doing good and striving to make the world a better place by their actions. Thanks.

We salute them all and wish them and all who encourage them well.

Happy 35th SVG Independence !!!

Cheryl Phills King