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Animals show us that they can make a contribution


Fri, Nov 7, 2014

Editor: Sometime ago on HLN, I think, while viewing the channel as I always do, a scene caught my eyes which I had to watch.

A lady left her little child unattended for a short while and out of nowhere came a ferocious dog, grabbed the child and proceeded to drag him. Then as if by magic, the family’s cat sprang into action and body slammed the dog even though it was so much larger than it, thereby knocking it to the ground and forced it to release the child. Amazing.{{more}}

As if history is repeating itself. This time I was sitting quietly outside looking at some of God’s creations. There was a fowl, followed by a number of her chicks gingerly pecking at what they could find.

The dog in the yard jumped into action and began to chase the fowl, but it didn’t interfere with the chicks. It was determined to end its life because of the way it gave chase.

Like the cat on the television, the other dog from the yard gave chase and sort of slammed the previous dog to one side. Thereby putting distance between it and the fowl and so saving the fowl’s life. To me this was downright decent of the latter dog which prompted me to give him a little treat.

It was amusing but has a lesson. Even some animals, though not guided by a conscience know the correct way to behave and to do the right thing at times.

If we could find some time to observe them in action I feel we could learn a thing or two from them.

An Observer