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A tribute to Mama

A tribute to Mama


by Ancelma Morgan Rose Fri, Nov 7, 2014

Wednesday, October 29 2014 will be remembered as a special day in the lives of the family of Florence Morgan, our mama. This matriarch of our family has defied all the odds, overcome many challenges to make it to 100 years. What an important milestone! What a blessing! With her mental facility intact, clear vision (both physical and mental), good hearing, and a hearty appetite.{{more}} After surviving two strokes and fractured bones, which prevented her from moving except with the aid of someone, her voice remained strong as she shouts commands from her bed.

A disciplinarian she was, as was earlier emphasized by my brother, Winston. Whenever we did anything she deemed was wrong, no matter how much we avoided her, a good licking was her way of resolving the issue. She insisted that we attended school regularly and in her limited way assisted us with our homework, as she was denied the opportunity to complete her primary education.

Despite the fact that she was married, her husband spent many years away from his family working overseas to support us, thus forcing her to perform dual roles as mother and father. She worked on the plantation as a field hand, in the factories and engaged in subsistence farming, which include livestock rearing, and as a domestic eking out a living from meager wages in order to supplement the family income.

Mama suffered many forms of abuse as a child and a young adult from family members, but remained steadfast to her faith in God. So strong was her faith that she spent most of her spare time attending church and its related activities. For us, it was not an option but a Must. She has instilled in us certain values which have helped to shape us into the persons we have become. She has nourished, nurtured and mentored many children and adults and has been recognized for her contribution to community development. As a avid reader, a person who thirsts for knowledge, she has kept up to date on current issues and a remained firm supporter of West Indies cricket. Thank you, Mama, for being the mother, grandmother, and great grandmother you are. May God continues to bless and keep you.