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Has our relationship with Christ declined?


Fri Oct 31, 2014

Editor: We have just celebrated 35 years as a nation. There has been much discussion on the development and the lack thereof. However, as a people, we have declined in our relationship with the Lord Jesus Christ.{{more}}

It is true that we have grown religiously. This is evident with the many religions that we have in this country. However, our lives that we live thus prove this stated fact. A survey of church meetings and operations will show that on Sunday mornings the buildings are full of persons; however, in the week the benches are empty.

Few congregations can boast of a vibrant Sunday school, mainly attended by children. This tells us that parents no longer put emphasis on Sunday school and things eternal. We seem to be contented knowing that we go to church on Sunday morning.

The way we dress, both as males and females, is evidence of the conviction we have to holiness. The types of music that we allow to be played in our homes and the types of movies that are watched in the homes give a good indication of the lack of a close relationship with Christ.

The conversations that are held both on radio and in public leave much to be desired. The hatred that comes from our mouth because of politics is indeed a shame and has shown that our relationship with Christ is indeed poor.

I would wish that as we seek to move forward we would not let politics divide us, but rather that we demonstrate love for one another. I wish, above all, that as a nation we would put Christ back into our homes, lives, communities and nation. “For righteousness exalts a nation, but sin is a reproach to any man.” Proverbs 14:34.

Kennard King