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Eustace should be ashamed


Fri Oct 31, 2014

Editor: While little babies in St Vincent and the Grenadines pay homage to the Independence of our country, Arnhim Eustace, who wants to be the country’s next leader, insults ALL Vincentians in the most despicable manner and his cult members, in his defense of this blatant act of treason call it SATIRE.{{more}}

How can any Vincentian who claims to love SVG, support such an individual and his party when he has absolutely NO respect for our blessed St Vincent? What a shame and disgrace that Arnhim Eustace has heaped upon the people of this fair and blessed land this day when we honour our past heroes who shed their blood and bathe in sweat relentlessly to FREE us from the choke-hold of colonialism.

Well, I tell you that the Honourable Milton Cato, SVG’s first Prime Minister, must be rolling over in his grave due to this act committed by Arnhim Eustace upon our beautiful, little island.

Thank you so much!

Helena R Edwards

Mount Vernon, NY