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SVG after thirty-five years


Fri Oct 24, 2014

Editor: SVG after 35 years has seen many changes. We have moved from thatch and wooden houses to fancy wall houses. We have moved from few telephones to many cell phones, where almost every person owns at least one cell phone. We have moved from firewood and coal pot to gas stoves. We have moved from using candles and lanterns to give us light at nights to island-wide electricity. We have fridges in almost every home in SVG, unlike years gone by.{{more}}

Transportation has improved, to the point where we have many public vans and buses operating and where transportation can be had at different hours. Although because of the number of persons travelling on a daily basis there is still shortage in this area. There is also an increase in private vehicles. I have only named a few of the developments and changes that took place over the 35 years of independence. Space does not allow for more listing of developments.

We must, however, not forget one of the major developments in this country is education. We know that governments both past and present have contributed to this development. As a result, there are more persons coming from universities with degrees. This makes it more competitive in terms of employment and also opportunities for self-development and advancement.

Despite the aforementioned, we, as a people, since independence are still not developed politically, but are still childish in this respect. A nation that is 35 ought to be an adult, but politically we are still a child. For we still vote for a party based on personal favours. We seldom look at the overall development of the nation or the lack of it and vote accordingly. It therefore means that the party that can offer more in handouts and personal favour will likely be favourable at the polls. While candidates and parties that try to be different and lift the bar when it comes to representation and not focus on giving out handouts, promises and personal favours will suffer at the polls. This mentality is one that is slavish and unfortunate.

It is therefore time that we, as a people, become truly independent. Let us maximize the opportunities available to become the best that we can be. Let us become truly independent and develop ourselves and not depend upon handouts and personal favours for votes. Failure to move away from this childish politics will mean that as a nation we would always remain underdeveloped. It would also mean that politicians would continue to control us. We need to lift the standard of politics away from personal favour, promises and handouts to real life issues and national development of our people and country.

Indeed, as the anthem says, “WHATEVER THE FUTURE HOLDS, OUR FAITH WILL SEE US THROUGH”. Happy 35th Independence anniversary to SVG. I love you St Vincent.

Kennard King