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Where is the love?


Fri Oct 17, 2014

Editor: The world is once again gripped in a wave of crisis with catastrophe looming. We may appear to be far removed from the epicentre of most of these crises, but the truth is we are only hours away, for mankind has been able to overcome distance. There is fighting in the Middle East and there is Ebola in Africa. This is not to say there is not armed conflict taking place in other parts of the world.{{more}}

One thing is evident throughout these crises is the insensitivity of mankind. We have become lovers of ourselves and there is no longer that love for mankind and that love for nature. Most times when people speak about love, it is in reference to love between two persons and occasionally a third, but that love for things and persons they have not seen is simply not there.

People often speak about their love for God; but if we believe that God created all of us, it means that we are all brothers and sisters. However, from our actions towards one another, it is either we do not believe that or we do not care. If we believe that God created animals, then we ought to love them as well. How can someone calling himself or herself a believer in God and take an animal no longer wanted to a remote area and release it, knowing very well that that animal would suffer and possibly starve to death? How can we pass the homeless on the street and not be concerned whether or not they had a meal? How can we kill another person in the name of religion? How can we have an outbreak as serious as Ebola and the United Nations has to be begging countries to make a contribution to deal with this crisis, while people are dying by the minute? If this is the way we intend to continue, then we are in for rough times ahead.

Of course, the cynics would tell me that these are signs of the end of time, but I put it down simply to the insensitivity of mankind. We often fail to recognize that we are all interconnected in this universe and whatever each person does has an impact on the world.

I wish there was something to replace all religions, but whatever replaces religion would be made into another religion by some smart individual.