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Milton Cato Memorial Hospital entry still being used as bus stop


Fri Oct 17, 2014

Editor: Why are our people so disrespectful to the authorities? We are determined to do what we feel like, whenever we want and nobody must tell us what to do. I am referring to the fact that in spite of many warnings, we still continue to do the same thing over and over again.{{more}} On May 24, I wrote about the blocking of the hospital entrance. Well, I guess that those drivers do not take the time to read or they do and totally ignore the warning. After all Milton Cato Memorial is a hospital where sick people are being taken care of and from time to time there are emergencies where people are being transported to the hospital, especially to the Accident and Emergency Unit; so why are those van drivers continuing to block the entrance?

Time saves life, so if you block the entrance when other vehicles are carrying sick persons, this could result in the death of someone. How do you think you should be dealt with? Now, the hospital has stepped up its security and instead of security guards, there are police officers at the hospital gate. Why are they allowing this to happen? Come on, wake up you sleeping policemen; do your duty without favour or respect of persons. Let’s all work together for a better SVG, because the life you save might be your own or that of someone close to you. As a matter of fact, we should be in the business of saving lives, regardless of whose.

Clifford E Gould