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NDP from its inception was a shipwreck!


Tue, Oct 14, 2014

Editor: When Sir James Mitchell first formed the NDP, the symbol for the party was a ship, but that ship, according to Vincentians, sank after The St. Vincent Labour Party gave the NDP a solid beating. Sir James Mitchell then switched the symbol to a KEY. But, the KEY was broken in 2001, after Sir James Mitchell handed over the party to the grossly incompetent Arnhim Eustace.{{more}}

After the KEY was broken, the NDP appears to have, by default, returned unofficially to the original symbol. It is now symbolic of a ship sailing on rough seas without in direction. Therefore, the abbreviation NDP stands for “No Direction Party” or “No Damn Plan.” The old and beat up ship is being tossed about every minute, going from foolish and trivial issue to issue in search of something concrete to give them a solid footing in becoming elected.

They have become chronic complainers and objectors. Each issue that is raised eventually dissipates. Everything they touch, just simply turns to dust. It is alleged that a Foreign Investor who is trying to purchase FAVOUR in the government gave them $35,000.00 for their “NEVER SEE SO MUCH MESS” campaign. From the initiation of the campaign, it was clear that it was bound to fail. I listened to Arnhim Eustace enumerate his resume and it put me to sleep. I think a recording of Eustace’s voice will work better than Ambien, the popular sleep medication. Then the “NEVER SEE SO MUCH MESS” campaign culminated into a monumental failure with about 200 chronic complainers parading the streets of VINCY in failed attempt to reinvent J’ouvert.

This “NEVER SEE SO MUCH MESS” campaign became such a laughing stock for the “NO Direction Party” that the bell has become silent and poor Patches has been abandoned. When was the last time you hear Patches as a commentator on A Current Affair? The No Direction Party has a well established history of exploiting individuals and then abandoning them after they have been washed up. Do you remember E.G Lynch, the man who is alleged to have made the political talk shows popular with his trading in salacious commess on rumors in the name of politics? It is alleged that the anger that he felt was so intense that he had a stroke while he was on the air. Then the NDP cult members forgot all about him while he languished in a nursing home.

However, when it was time for his burial, they came out in their numbers to create more mess and confusion, the trademark of the “NO Direction Party,” but even that backfired when their display of ignorance and backwardness became too much for the average Vincentians to stomach. The shame from this fiasco caused the “No Direction Party” to lie low for about two minutes or so, but then they were right back to their default of spreading lies, commess and rumours, all in the attempt to find an issue that will catapult them into captain’s seat of VINCY so that they can WRECK the country.

Vincentians, be warned, the “No Direction Party” from it’s inception was a SHIPWRECK… You may use them as firewood, but nothing more, so don’t become confused and give them your vote. From since you were born, you can count on the STAR that lights up the SKY and take us out of the darkness.

Helena R. Edwards