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Appoint Sehon Marshall now


Tue, Oct 14, 2014

Editor: I met Sehon Marshall while he was on the programme called the Shake Up programme, carried on WE FM 99.9. I found Marshall to be a good person. We went separate ways because of politics. Marshall was the mouthpiece for the ULP before he travelled to Azerbaijan to study; we remained friends despite of our political opinions.{{more}}

When I heard Marshall was being considered for the deputy consul general position after Augustus was recalled, I felt rewarded.

I was on a programme with Sehon Marshall on Cross Country Radio

Station, Marshall was responding to a question that was asked by Burton Williams, about Vincentians who are professionals and leave St Vincent to better themselves. Marshall’s position was clearly defending the ULP, but some persons, including Margaret London, painted a negative picture of what was said by Marshall, and I think that was unfair.

The Prime Minister, Camillo Gonsalves and Senator Francis were informed of Marshal’s statements. Senator Francis, you seem to have a great influence on the Prime Minister, I have some questions for you, Senator Francis.

Could you describe your relationship with Marshall?

Did Marshall refuse any request you made?

Why are you not suggesting to the Prime Minister to fill the position that was promised to Marshall?

Sir Vincent Beache, Dr Cox, Hans King, among others, made statements saying Marshall is extremely qualified for the position, but it appears all they can do is talk, because it’s Senator Francis who has the influence on the Prime Minister. I’m wondering after defending the ULP position how does Marshall feel. Why was Marshall thrown under the bus?

The statement made by Marshall while responding to the question asked by Burton Williams was the truth.

The Foreign Affairs Minister fell short when asking where are the baby sitters and dog walkers tonight, when he was in the town hall meeting. That statement only fuelled disaster.

So, I am asking the Prime Minister Hon Dr Ralph Gonsalves to advise your son, the Minister of Foreign Affairs, Camillo Gonsalves, to appoint Marshall sooner than later.

Kingsley DeFreitas