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Clergymen, where is fairness, balance?


Fri, Sep 19, 2014

Editor: I feel like I am in the twilight zone, not understanding what is going on with our clergy.

First it was Ulric Jones and Bishop Friday. Now it is the Bishop of the Catholic Church and a priest.{{more}}

Could they be right, and we are wrong? What are they talking about? What are they looking at?

These individuals are extremely dangerous, since many churchgoers (Christians) will simply listen to them and vote as suggested, without thinking. However, I will bet my life they are wrong!

First of all, the Catholic clergy mentioned the three teachers who were not reinstated. These teachers resigned their jobs, knowing that their party may not win the elections. Supposedly intelligent individuals actually made that decision. Should we now feel sorry for them, that they made faulty decisions on their resignations, AND backing the wrong political party?

Even the ULP teacher, Elvis Charles, was NOT reinstated after resigning his job to run in the last election. The ULP won, and found a job for him. The NDP teachers found jobs on their own; so, what is the Catholic Bishop talking about? In fact, one of the NDP teachers did the same thing before. He resigned, ran, lost, and was reinstated – so, he is making this a habit. They left the children they were teaching, just before CXC exams, ignoring their welfare, and now want their jobs back!

What if the NDP had won the elections, or they had won their seats? Would they be looking for reinstatement to their old teaching jobs?

Bigger Bigs is another issue of the Catholic clergy as well. Here is a man who has refused to take legal action on a matter he says he is convinced is his right, and the Government is wrong. If he really believes this, then take the matter to court, and have the court force the Government to support his claim.

Moreover, he fenced the path used by several farmers in the area, preventing them from accessing their agricultural lands. The Government pointed out to him that his practices were detrimental to the environment, and he ignored their warnings. Bigger Bigs is intent on making this a political matter, so if that is what he chooses to do, then he must face the consequences. He is the one who is avoiding a legal solution, and instead is making this a political battle.

These are the issues which the Catholic Church publicized and circulated this week. I will not say anything further about the Anglican Church, Bishop Friday and Ulric Jones, since the general public has already expressed its displeasure at their despicable silence. It is of serious concern, however, what these four high-ranking men of God have done, which runs counter to common sense and religious principles.

Did these individuals, men of the cloth, FORGET to mention that one of the parliamentarians they support actually STONED a church? And when questioned, he said that he would do it again!

Did the men of God forget what happened in Georgetown at EG Lynch’s funeral?

None of these clergymen mentioned those as being areas of concern. It is ironic that these two incidents took place in churches, the houses of God … and they are God’s mouthpieces.

How about the continued disrespect shown by the NDP to the Speaker of the House of Assembly?

How about the attempt to overturn fire trucks in Kingstown?

None of these incidents were mentioned by the four men of God.

I believe that spirituality should not be separated from politics — but fairness and balance must always be present.

Clergymen, we need your input in any matter which affects society, but of all people, you must know that unfairness and dishonesty would never contribute to a more peaceful and harmonious community.

Cuthbert Williams