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It is time for another cable company to flow in our direction


Fri Sep 12, 2014

Editor: Are we being taken for a ride by FLOW? This question may seem dumb or not relevant to some. The answer and solution to this question lies with us, the viewing public.{{more}}

Since FLOW took over the cable company, the vast majority of Vincentians have been dissatisfied with what they receive for their money. Petitions have been signed; persons have voiced their opinions on the airwaves, as well as in the printed media. Yet, for FLOW, they continued to flow like they don’t care.

Sometimes, we are made to wonder if they not aware that adults are watching the channels and maybe think that it is only kids that watch the television. For while we appreciate the fact that there ought to be choices of channels for the children to watch, there are far too many cartoons. Maybe they are expecting us as adults to watch cartoons like children.

There is hardly any channel of quality where as an adult you can be entertained after a long stressful day. Sometimes you need to come and be able to relax with the family and watch some good quality programmes. It is sad that the COSBY SHOW, GSN, and ANDY GRIFFITH, just to name a few, are no longer available. These shows offer good watching for the family, for children can learn about good moral values and be taught about parenting and training. Of course, there are more channels that could be mentioned that are no longer available.

I am certain that since the change, many persons have found SVG TV to be more entertaining and better to watch than looking at some of the boring and meaningless channels handed down to us by FLOW.

It is time for another cable company to flow in our direction since the present FLOW is indeed a bad flow and the management, it would seem, has no intention of satisfying the customers. They, like so many companies in this country, are trying to take us Vincentians for a ride. But who knows, they might just be flowing down the wrong stream and come to a dead end.

Kennard King