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Tue Sep 09, 2014

Editor: I was aware and somewhat disturbed that some hostility was shown to Dr Ralph Gonsalves at the funeral services for the late EG Lynch.{{more}}

However, nothing prepared me for what I saw once the video became available. Coming from the great constituency of North Leeward, I got my first blast of rough Vincy politics at age 11. It was the 1966 showdown between PPP’s Sam Slater and SVLP’s James “Teacher” Ferdinand, which Slater won by a mere four votes.

It decided the general elections in favour of PPP. I watched through my youthful eyes as friends became enemies and families were divided until after the election season. It remained that way for years, but when it came to a funeral, things were different. It was clearly understood that it was a time to pay tribute and final respects to the departed one and support the bereaved family.

This transcends politics! What happened at EG Lynch’ s funeral nothing short of hooliganism. As I watched it, I became angry and ashamed as a Vincentian.

It seemed to be well planned and I searched my soul and couldn’t find any way in which it could benefit the NDP, So why? Poor leadership and desperation!

If Arnhim Eustace had any decency or skills as a leader, he would have taken charge of the situation there and then and walked out standing tall. After all his party colours were at the forefront.

Editor, I am of the opinion that those who do not like Dr Gonsalves as a person should at least respect the office that he holds. He is indeed the Prime Minister of St Vincent and the Grenadines. Dr Gonsalves won that day. He spoke briefly and sat down.

Upset, I am sure, but in total respect for the family and himself, he exercised discipline and restraint. I listened carefully to Dr Gonsalves’ statement which he had prepared for the service, but delivered on radio. It was solemn, informative and void of the stench of divisive party politics. Our Prime Minister has been tested and proven worthy. So says the Vincentian electorate.

If anyone doubts that, I challenge them to read a great book “The making of the Comrade, the political journey of Ralph Gonsalves.”

Ken Wyllie

Philadelphia, Pa USA