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So what’s up with Facebook?


Tue Sep 2, 2014

Editor: I have little tolerance for those persons who see Facebook as “the enemy”. You will hear remarks such as, “Me? I will never use Facebook!,” “Facebook full ah comes!” or “me nah have time fuh waste pon Facebook.” Comments like these make me realize that such persons are ignorant of the use and value of using social networking platforms such as Facebook and that they are being misled by their own arbitrary thinking.{{more}}

Facebook is just like the community you live in, a social space where people meet, greet, catch up, socialise share information, etc. The difference between Facebook and the community in which you live is the mere fact that Facebook is in cyberspace. You will discover the good, the bad and the ugly, just like in your very community.

Facebook is not as bad as some people (maybe minority) make it out to be. Yes! It boils down to people’s choice as to whether they want to have a page on Facebook. Your Facebook page can be whatever you want it to be. If you want your Facebook page to be an advertising agency for all and sundry, it can! If you want to use it to promote the Gospel, it can. If you are a social activist and you want your page to be a platform of advocacy, it can. People use Facebook to promote their businesses. Facebook can be for you whatever you want it to be. So this time don’t hate the game, hate the players! Ask the FBI or Police what Facebook is to them, or ask that person who just linked up with a long lost schoolmate or friend, or maybe, you could ask the journalist who is just trying to get the story out there!

As an information specialist, I have followed the development of Facebook over the years and have seen how it has revolutionised the way we receive and share information in a global setting. Today, online users are now forced to analyse and evaluate the information they receive for its authenticity, relevance, authority and timeliness. We are living in an “Information Age” and people are demanding information every which way you turn for various reasons. Facebook just happens to be one of the most popular online sources where people go to seek information that would meet their needs, whatever their needs are. Just like your community you live in, you will get the good as well as the bad on Facebook. The responsibility is therefore yours to use it wisely. There are ways and means to monitor you Facebook page.

So don’t hate on Facebook, instead become an information literate individual. Learn the skills on how to seek, organise and evaluate the information you find. Believe me, these times require such skills!

Pearl Mc Master-Mason

Information Specialist

Head Librarian

SVG Community College