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Is marriage a rule given by God?


Tue Aug 19, 2014

Editor: As time goes by, norms and values tend to change. Years ago, no one would have imagined the kind of clothes persons are wearing today. Some view it as advancement, while some, mainly the elderly, view it as vulgarity. The point is, times are changing and persons are viewing life differently.{{more}}

I remember, in the recent past, if you stood at the roadside in Kingstown on a Saturday afternoon, wedding after wedding would pass with horns tooting in celebration. Nowadays, I hardly see any wedding passing through Kingstown. Is it that fewer persons are getting married or persons are going to the courthouse and tying the knot with little fanfare? I honestly believe that fewer persons are getting married. Is it as a result of the economic condition or simply lifestyle change?

Long ago, young ladies were taught to find a nice gentleman and get married and have kids. Today, many young ladies simply do not want to get married nor have children. Some simply choose to focus on their careers, while others simply do want to take on the responsibility of carrying out the roles often associated with being a wife. Is it the right thing to do? In my opinion, it is all up to the individual.

In the eyes of the Christian, God ordained marriage and having sex outside of marriage is sinful. The truth is, marriage is just one of those things that resulted from changes as time went by. Men took ownership of women as their property and kept them as their wives. There were even laws put in place to ensure that men had their way. Even the Bible lent support to this kind of behaviour.

Marriage is no rule given by God. If this were the case, there would be the same number of men and women in the world. Everyone wants to live comfortably, hence women may gravitate to wealthy men and vice versa. The old saying that all the good men are taken means that other women have to make do with what remains. This is unfair. It means that these women would have to attempt to share in order to get a piece of the action with these good men. The same holds in the other direction. Of course, this goes contrary to Christian values.

Persons should not simply get married because the Bible says so. I cannot remember reading about the marriage of Christ or his disciples. It is not a law made by God, for it is only part of a religious belief.