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Travelling to the Grenadines


Fri Aug 8, 2014

Editor: I tuned in to NBC RADIO SVG recently while this very interesting topic was being discussed. You cannot do justice to this topic in a half hour call-in radio programme….no way… This very important topic merits a full-length documentary featuring Jeffrey King MBE. They form one topic. You can’t have one without the other.{{more}}

Jeffrey King was doing the journeys every week from Kingstown to Union Island for well over 30 years even before proper wharfs were built in Canouan and Mayreau.

I’ve enjoyed many a lovely trip with Jeffrey and his wife Urcilla while on holiday in SVG. Thank you very much, dear friends. Jeffrey is quite capable of telling this story. He is a very good talker.

Over to you, Jeffrey. Best wishes and good luck.

Avil Cupid