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This country should never support the gay lifestyle


Fri Aug 8, 2014

Editor: There has always been discussion on gay rights and there would continue to be discussion on gay rights. We have to bear in mind that gays are humans and as such there should not be any discrimination against them because of their choice. We should also love them as human beings, but must never embrace their lifestyle and choice.{{more}}

We know that according to John 3:16, where Jehovah God expressed his love for all humanity and demonstrated his love by sending Christ into the world to die for everyone. Thus, the Lord loves even the homosexuals and lesbians. Nevertheless, we must never accept that lifestyle as normal. It is sickening and an abomination.

God, in the beginning never made two males or two females and said that they should be one and also be fruitful and multiply. Instead he made Adam and Eve and then stated that they should be fruitful and multiply. He further said that a man and a woman in marriage would be one flesh. It was never God’s intention for two persons of the same sex to become husband and wife.

We should never in this country embrace and support this lifestyle. While we love the persons and do not discriminate against them, we must condemn this sickening practice. There could never be any justifiable explanation for two persons of the same sex having a relationship. Neither should we accept the belief that it is genetic or that persons were born with that desire.

Neither should we accept this lifestyle as normal. In Romans 1:21-24, we are told that God gave them up to a reprobate mind. Thus it is a choice and a stated condition of the heart. No one was ever born to be gay. To say that homosexuals and lesbians should be given the right to get married and also to adopt children after marriage should never be entertained. Furthermore it should be strongly rejected.

I would encourage us as a nation to pray for those whom we know are practising this lifestyle and also if we have not gone into it, that we never entertain such an idea. Indeed, we, as a nation, need to honour God. Gays’ lifestyle, we know, is an abomination. Let’s honour God with our lives.

Kennard King