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What’s NDP’s vision for SVG?


Fri May 23, 2014

Editor: Mr Eustace, Leader of the Opposition and the parliamentarian who likes to be called “Major” Leacock, can’t be the hope for SVG. I listened to the so-called town hall meeting that they had in Toronto on their tour to North America and clearly, it was the worst presentation from persons who are aspiring to lead this country.{{more}}

Mr Eustace spoke of everything to sully the name of SVG, giving the audience and persons listening via cyberspace, that there is everything nasty about our country. He even lamented the salary of Mr Beache, saying this could create employment for a young person for about $10,000 over a year. Let’s say this was to happen this young person will be paid less than a $1,000 per month; is this man for real?

The Major, he welcomes this opportunity to indicate that he is heir apparent, trying to sell himself as a replacement, in front of first vice-president Friday. Senator Frederick, PRO, gives the audience an outline of the Major, Leacock’s achievements. The problem that Leacock has, is that the persons who finance the party are not in favour of him. Additionally, they add that he is using as a strategy to speak to persons in the constituency that he currently represents, he is of the notion, that because they voted for him the last time around, he owns them, but he could be in for a big surprise.

They speaking about creating jobs; where are these people going to work? Government, who is the biggest employer in SVG, how much more, can they employ? You see, talk is cheap; things are easier said than done and in the interest of time. You, Mr Eustace, explain to John Public, in spite of being an economic guru, why your family business declined over the years, from three floors to one and maybe later this year might find you selling on the street, as touted by your sidekick Leacock.

The Major, why you have all these grandiose business ideas and you could be coined as a scientist, when it comes to ideas about local industries and what is good for this country. Tell the people why you are able to operate a cleaning industry.

You see, you guys have no vision for this country and at your age, this can’t be the way forward.

George Farrell