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YOUR children are YOUR responsibility!


Fri May 16, 2014

Editor: Indisciplined children, misguided youth, increase in violence…contribute to the continuing decline in morals in society. We hear many, especially the elderly, lamenting the sad state of society. They ask “why are the children so disrespectful? Why are youth so wayward?”{{more}}

Just a little observation would reveal that many of these ills can be traced back to the home — lack of parental guidance. Many parents seem not to consider the responsibilities of parenting. Bringing a child into this world is not about being able to boast “I have a daughter/son…” or even to say “I can give him everything he wants (material things).”It is about moulding the mind of the child to fit him for life and ultimately for eternity. This cannot happen overnight. With patience, persevering effort, sacrifice of time, consistency of action and love, we can educate our children for life. Every parent wants a well-disciplined child.

However, not all parents are willing to do what it takes to achieve this. To many, “mother” and “father” are just biological statuses. They shun their responsibility. They seem to find joy in burdening grandparents, relatives, friends etc with their responsibility. This serious duty should not be “thrown” on another person, except in extenuating circumstances. It is our God-given duty as parents! Through His word, God has clearly outlined our parental duties. We are to love, control, nurture, provide for, teach and discipline our children.

A major part that is often neglected is giving attention to their spiritual health. Many of our children operate with “no knowledge of God.” Sadly, this is usually a reflection of the spiritual state of their parents. God in His wisdom has rightly instructed that parents “teach” His words “diligently” to their children. Whether people want to believe it or not, it is the word of God that would keep our children from self-destruction and from the degradation of society.

Renowned 19th century religious writer, E.G. White was right when she affirmed that “there is no nobler work that we can do, no greater benefit that we can confer upon society, than to give to our children a proper education impressing upon them, by precept and example, the important principle that purity of life and sincerity of purpose will best qualify them to act their part in the world.”

Parents, we can take comfort in knowing that, despite the challenges that we may encounter, we can find all the help we need in Jesus. He is ever ready to minister His graces that we may train our children aright. Look to Him for aid in performing your parental duties. You want a better society? Sure, we all do. There can be no better society without better homes!

Ann-Marie Ballantyne

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