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Effects of loud music on our health


Fri May 16, 2014

Editor: Now loud music and noise are damaging to everyone’s health, including the person or persons who are operating the musical instruments. The World Health Organisation recognizes noise as a serious health problem.{{more}}
Loud music damages your ability to hear in the future. It can cause hearing impairment and it contributes to hypertension, ischemic heart disease, annoyance, sleep disturbance. At the top of the list is hearing loss. Prolonged exposure to loud music may cause trauma to the sterallio of your cochlea, which, in layman’s terms, means you may be damaging the fluid which fills the structure of your inner ear, which can actually give rise to irreversible hearing loss.
The pinna,combined with your middle ear, amplifies sound pressure levels by a factor of 20, so that extremely high sound pressure levels arrive in the cochlea. Elevated sound levels cause a disturbance to the cochlea structure in your ear, which can actually give rise to irreversible hearing loss. A loud sound in a particular frequency range can damage the cochlea’s cells, which will reduce your ears’ ability to pick up those frequencies later in life.
It may also lead to heart problems. In 1999, the World Health Organisation (WHO) concluded that available evidence shows a link to several cardiovascular health problems; hypertension (high blood pressure) when one is forced to listen to something he or she does not want to listen to, becomes a nuisance and annoyance causing physiological effects, demonstrated by stress indicators (hormone release, increased blood pressure) and the long-term effects of elevated stress level can be very serious for cardio-vascular health; sleep disturbance occurs from 30 dB (A) and is detrimental to well-being and longer term disturbance is damaging to physical and mental health. Tiredness also reduces concentration spans, which decreases productivity and performance at work and school and increases the risk of accidents.

Alston Findlay