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Security lights needed at Belle Isle Prison facility


Fri May 9, 2014

Editor: Some attention needs to be paid to the security at the Belle Isle Correctional Facility. We know that there is good security put in place at the aforementioned. However, of urgent importance to beef up security is the installation of security and outside lights.{{more}}

Of course, anyone who travels on this side of the island and passes there at nights would observe that there are no outside lights. The buildings inside are well lit and there is a street light at the junction. These are not enough.

In these modern times where prisoners are very smart and plan their schemes well, it is of top priority that the prison compound be well lit. All around the compound should be in full view of the officers. Objects of any kind must be seen and any movements should be detectable.

For, when there are no outside lights on the compound, a situation can be created where a prisoner can escape without being seen. It is a known fact that because of the location and size of the compound, without adequate lighting, an officer would not be able to monitor effectively all corners of the compound.

I, therefore call upon the Minister of National Security to use his office to ensure that this need is filled in the quickest possible time. I personally would be disappointed if these lights are not installed in the quickest possible time. Failure to address this all important issue would signal a failure by the

Minister and his Ministry and would leave persons to wonder if the Minister of National Security has the security of this institution and safety of his people at heart.

However, I would think that the Prime Minister, being the action person that he is and one who is certainly not incompetent, would not like to be looked upon as neglectful, and would in the quickest possible time install these lights. I know these are hard economic times and there are plenty demands upon the Government. However, these lights are most important.

I look forward to seeing this institution light up soon to discourage any who have evil intentions and also to give the officers more control of the institution.

Kennard King